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Pocatello Idaho CDL driver’s training in Boise

We are centrally located in Boise and very easy to find. Depending on the training you’re looking for we can take you as far as Horseshoe Bend Hill which is great for learning how to pull a grade and how to go down a grade.

We will work on the skills you need as a driver and not focus on the skills you already have down. We don’t want to waste your time and money training on skills you already know. No, in contrast, we’ll help you get the best (and most) training for your dollar and focus only where you actually need help.

Our instructors are great evaluators, listeners, and they will be able to tell in which areas you need the most training. Remember, we’re on your side, and our goal is to train you in the most efficient (and safe) manner to help you rapidly obtain your CDL License.

In, general, our main goal is to help you to become safe and knowledgeable driver – and of course – to be able to pass the Pocatello Idaho CDL skills test the first time around!



You Bet!

Training on site.

Need behind the wheel training? We can train you right here on site at our facility.


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Idaho's Best!

Our drivers are fully certified and many are evem Idaho Law Enforcement officers.


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We test on site!

We’re a certified Idaho State CDL Testing Facility. Test here when you’re ready.

On Site Pocatello Idaho CDL Testing

When you’re ready and trained up for your testing – we’ll be here ready to give you your Pocatello Idaho CDL State Approved Test. Click this link to see our current prices for Idaho CDL training and testing and/or semi-truck rental costs for CDL training.

If you do not have your own truck for testing, then we have an affordable flat fee to rent our Class A and B Trucks that we have on site. The truck is a single axle 10 speed transmission with a 26′ box van single axle trailer.

Our test location is located in Boise at Orchard and Diamond Street right next to the ITD maintenance yard and the test site is next to the ITD salt storage shed in the same lot.

Idaho CDL Testing Resources and Driver Training Videos:

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Idaho CDL Handbook

Click here or on the image above to download the official Idaho Commercial Driver’s License Handbook.

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Ten easy steps to your CDL

Click here or on the image above to download “Ten Easy Steps to your CDL.”

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

DOT Medical Card Reporting Requirements

Click here or on the image above to download DOT medical card reporting requirements.

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Trucking.Idaho.Gov Official Website

Click here or on the image above to go to the official Idaho Trucking Website.

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Idaho CDL Hazardous Material Fact Sheet

Click here or on the image above to download “Idaho CDL Hazardous Material Fact Sheet.”

What is a CDL Permit?


Who needs a CDL permit?


What is the CDL Skills Test?


Who needs a Class A CDL?


Who needs a Class B CDL?


Who needs a Class C CDL?


10-Speed Shifting – A Visual Guide


The Best 10-Speed Shifting Tips


10-Speed Shifting Diagram


Alley Dock Maneuver – Mini Class


Air Brake – Slack Adjuster – Break Lining


Break System – The Air Compressor


Learn about the Air Break System


Class B Pre-Trip Inspection


Straight Back Tractor Trailer Video


Making Turns in a Tractor Trailer


Parallel Parking Maneuver – Mini Class


Offset Backing Maneuver – Mini Class


Basic communication in your vehicle


Basic control and seeing in your vehicle


Basic control and speed of your vehicle

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Get paid to see America!

When it comes right down to it – trucking is an absolutely fun and rewarding career. It’s not every day get to see our beautiful country and get paid to explore it.

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Ladies – Get certified today!

It’s true – you’ve seen it for yourself that there are more and more female truckers on the roads. Each day, more and more women are getting their CDL credentials.

Idaho CDL Truck Driving School Boise Nampa Meridian

Get Started – Call us today – Let’s go!

The biggest factor that reaches out and steals dreams – is procrastination! Don’t let it happen to you, give us a call and see how easy it is to get certified with us today.

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